I have been with Cancer Connections since just after I was diagnosed with PC 9 months ago and I have found a couple of friends on this site. However I have found an American site that allows you so much more freedom and access to talk, no matter what cancer you have. The only thing you have to realise is when they talk about procedures etc it is what is happening in USA and we in Australia are at times way behind. I have found a lot of information that is helping me with my folfirinox side effects just through this site not to mention the conversations I have had and for those of you that have insomnia side effects, well this is what I have been going to www.cancercompass.com Maybe we can all help to make our own Ozzie site better with some of our help just by getting ideas & inputting them to cancer connections before we leave this planet. For the sake, hope, advancement in knowledge, treatment, care, understanding and our own special love. I will do what ever I can to help any current cancer person, as you are not a victim, patient or sufferer, you are still 100% a person. I hope all of you are currently coping ok and I give my love to each and everyone of you. We all need to be told we are loved, so I am telling you and I want you to tell others.
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