I'm new to this site and having trouble navigating, I accidently posted the previous about me when trying to reply to another persons question regarding Phantom Leg Pain. I had a renal tumor removed 18 months ago (without Chemo), during a biopsy a tumor was removed from my omentum and it was diagnosed as secondary cancer of the omentum and possible Ovarian cancer plus a large Thymus Gland(not related to the renal cancer) my sugeon wanted to carry out debulking surgery next week followed by chemo 3/4 weeks later. I panicked and scheduled it for 9th March as I need time to accept this diagnosis. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy this week which came up clear and an internal ultrasound and CA125 test that all came up clear but they are still treating me as though I have ovarian cancer, they said it is probably a false negative. I asked for a PET scan before they start debulking but they don't want me to have one until after the surgery. I can't accept this diagnosis or allow them to do any surgery until I have proof the cancer still exists i.e. a posative test. Also...they won't deal with the Thymus gland until after the Chemo???? what's going on??? Does anyone have any answers/info on this??
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Hi Lockey I agree with you regarding wanting to know. The tumour marker test can still be within normal range, even if you do have a growing cancer so don't take this into account. Some Oncologists may look at this, others never order the test. You have been diagnosed with secondary cancer from the biopsy, so I am not sure what you are asking. Secondary cancer means that it has progressed from the original site and according to the original site spreads to other sites. I don't know these sites for renal cancer but I know that breast cancer spreads mainly to bone, lung, liver and brain. Presume one of the sites renal cancer can spread to is the omentum, we can all live without this, I had mine removed during a hysterectomy. Can you access any other tests? A MRI with contrast is often used. If a PET is not available you can always pay for one yourself, costs around $800, but you will need a referral from a doctor. Hope this helps With love Joy K
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