I'm new to this site and having trouble navigating, I accidently posted the previous about me when trying to reply to another persons question regarding Phantom Leg Pain. I had a renal tumor removed 18 months ago (without Chemo), during a biopsy a tumor was removed from my omentum and it was diagnosed as secondary cancer of the omentum and possible Ovarian cancer plus a large Thymus Gland(not related to the renal cancer) my sugeon wanted to carry out debulking surgery next week followed by chemo 3/4 weeks later. I panicked and scheduled it for 9th March as I need time to accept this diagnosis. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy this week which came up clear and an internal ultrasound and CA125 test that all came up clear but they are still treating me as though I have ovarian cancer, they said it is probably a false negative. I asked for a PET scan before they start debulking but they don't want me to have one until after the surgery. I can't accept this diagnosis or allow them to do any surgery until I have proof the cancer still exists i.e. a posative test. Also...they won't deal with the Thymus gland until after the Chemo???? what's going on??? Does anyone have any answers/info on this??
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