Hello to everyone, I am new to this sight. I have read alot of the stories and do not feel so alone when others are saying the same as I am feeling. No one seems to understand all the changes that cancer makes in your life. I never understood what it ment to be a survivor but I do now. The medical profession treat cancer by cutting it out and/or with drugs then you are cured. Seems simple but all who are reading this know that it is far, very far from simple. I am a cancer survivor. My life now consists of medical checks - (lets just not go near seconary cancer) and rehab to get the body working after sugery, finding things to occupy and calm my mind, spending time each day doing something that I enjoy and resting so im not exhausted and lots of sleep and eating healthy food for energy. Everything on this list takes energy and effort but we keep going because we are alive.
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