Hi everyone. I was thinking that maybe it would be useful for my children to meet other children who have a parent with cancer, or lost a parent to cancer. My children lost their dad almost 3 months ago and they have mentioned a few times that they feel like the 'odd ones out' and especially with father's day coming up, I think it would be positive for them to know they aren't alone. Anyone have any experience with this? Salx
Hey Sally, What a great idea, we often forget that our children also have that sense of displacement. My kids are a little to young to realise what has happend alhtough my son remembers daddy was very sick and lost his hair. I'll bet the cancer coucil would know of such support groups in your area, if there are non it may be worth starting your own. Its good for your kids to have peers that completely get where they are at and what they have been through. XX amanda
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Canteen provides support to children who have a sibling or a parent diagnosed with cancer. Their email address is www.canteen.org.au .
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Hi Sal My mother passed away in March this year and her two gandsons took this particularly hard. One is 9 and the other 18. The youngest one has become quite withdrawn and on occassion lashes out. I've made sure that I have given him photos of him and my mother and little toys of hers and even beanies that she wore to bring him some comfort. He is especially comforted by the little toys I have given him and he takes them to bed everynight and becomes quite upset if they disappear (usually they have just fallen down the side of his bed.) I gave him the photos and told him that if he misses his nanny that he should talk to the photo and she will listen to him. I always make sure that I bring up fun times we all shared with him so he can remember the good times we all shared to try and bring him away from the fact of her passing. He was actually scared to see my mum when she got towards the end and wouldn't even enter the lounge room but go straight through to the family room and he would sit and cry. It broke my heart. I enquired with Silver Chain Palliative Care as to what services are available for children and there wasn't alot out there other than Canteen. Sammycat
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