Merry Christmas to you all. I do hope you are blessed with lots of loved ones around you at this time. I had two lots of really good news today just in time for christmas. Apart from health wise, in which things are going well. I applied recently for early release of my superannuation under the terminal illness provision. I got a cheque for one today and a confirmation phone call from the other one as well that it is being direct deposited today. Both will take several working days to clear but they are there and should be accessible by new years eve. woohoo. Look out post Christmas sales.. hehehehe Bless you all for the wonderful words that have helped enormously in the past few months. A kind deed sends out a ripple that you just never know where it will reach Cheers Vicki
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Sounds like a great New Year on its way! Have a great holiday season. Samex
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Hey Vicki Anne Great news hope you have a wonderful time at the sales. 😄 A kind deed does creates ripples that reach far and wide, that is my belief. Merry Christmas. Julie
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Good news Vicki spend wisely,haha, xmas wishs to you and family Dave
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hi Vicki, Glad for your good news. It must have been an anxious time when you were taken to ED just before Christmas. Glad everything turned out OK. For as long as I remember I have always looked forward to Christmas - the planning, the preparations, the extra work, the family time, the meals, and "the reason for the season". This year, because I was feeling so unwell and somewhat disengaged from life, I was approaching Christmas with a considerable level of dread. However it was a good time with lots of "small blessings" on the way, even the Easy Mac noodles with (single) slices of ham and turkey were OK. The family were great, and last night was special when Val and I attended the Festival of Lessons and Carols at St Peters Anglican Church in the city. I was really looking forward to this (it was on my "bucket list"), so Val rang the church earlier in the week to explain the situation, and they provided parking for us at the vicarage, and we are not even Anglicans - how good was that? I can't tolerate more than two cycles of chemo at a time, so next week I get a one week respite from treatment to allow my body to recover. The respite also allows my appetite to recover a little and for my tastebuds to come back to normal a little so that food tastes closer to normal. I have already booked a breakfast date with Val at one of the local eating places. Kind regards, All the best for 2011, Doug
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