Coming to terms with my vulnerability It's such a odd feeling to go to a check up (nothing was wrong, just went because i thought i am supposed to go) and 1,2,3 dermatologist ogles a mole ( I've never seen it before, wasn’t aware it was there) says it needs to be looked at under microscope and one minute later i got a needle and a scalpel in my back! I always thought i know my body well, i would "know" if something is wrong, now this experience completely throws my train of thoughts off the tracks. I didn’t feel anything was wrong, didt expect that Doc will find anything wrong with me and he DID! Some of you may chuckle now: but I really thought when he said" microscope" he will just get a big one out and has a look at the mole, I didn’t realise that he was about to cut it out!! I feel a bit stupid. Now I am awaiting results. Hoping, praying all is good, or at least not too bad! My friends are all great but they are of no help to deal with this problem, With Cancer, yes i said it!!! CANCER! I got more attention if I would have broken my leg! It's really weird, it's like people try to avoid that subject, as if it is contagious! I don’t want pity I just want to talk about what's going on right now and this " think positive" and " playing things down" makes me feel I am the biggest whoos on the planet. Anyway I am glad having found this group and I am looking forward to supporting each other. It is so lovely having people out there listening to you. Take care Love Sunny
Well the good thing Sunny, is that you went for a checkup. Us blokes dont usually go until we think something maybe wrong. So you have fortune on your side. People who have never been close to cancer dont like to talk about it. They feel if they ignore the word, then, they, or their loved ones will not get it because it is not in their vocabulary and therefore will not exist in their lives. So not all moles are or lumps are sinister. Good luck with the results Wombat4
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We are all vulnerable .For now you don't know if it's cancer. My husband has had at least a dozen spots cut out over the years and none turned out to be cancer . On the other hand his brother spent several weeks in hospital two and a half years ago having treatment for two types of skin cancer ,one being melanoma . I forget what the other was but it was a bad one too. Two years later he was back for more of the same . Try not to worry too much until you know for sure that there is something to worry about . I hope the same for you as you hope.
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It is perfectly normal to feel vulnerable at this time,even if you don't know the results of this doesn't mean it isn't scary.I to found it difficult to understand some peoples reaction to the word cancer,we do live in a society I believe where people are scared of just the word let alone the real thing,I am trying in my own little section of the world to make this different,it is not always easy.Good luck with your results and know there are people out here who will be there.Tina
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