Stuart had his mri on Monday. Tumour has doubled and is now 7x5x4. There is also a new tumour in the left posterior temporal/parietal lobe, it is 1.5cm. I am almost relieved that there is new growth and the end is approaching even if it is unbearaly slow. It is agony to watch him now. Can't walk, no communication, incontinent. Uninterested in anything around him, Headaches increasing, morphine pump being put in later this week. Often anxious but we can't understand him to know why, thats if he even knows. He has been on respite for the last 2 weeks and has 4 more to go but I think it will be permanent. I just can't manage anymore. Life is so tough for some of us.
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Hi there....I've just read your blogs :,( I am so truly sorry you, your dear husband and children, are going through this. I really don't know what to say, except know I'm thinking of you and especially the kids...I have 2 kids and even thought they are 18 and 20 I hope that I don't put them through this terrible time also. You're a mum and us mums are strong,, hang in there. xoxox
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Hello, I know how you feel, Nigel my husband had his MRI last Monday and the news was not good. His has grown 60% from the first surgery in August and the radiation and chemo just slowed the growth. We are now have to make the decision if he will have another operation(this will be the third) or just let nature take its course. Nigel is not quite at your husband's stage yet but is very weak in the legs and starting to get headaches. He is a high risk patient as he has clots on his lungs. Please hang in there and my thoughts are with you and your family. Hugs Trish
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Thank you Trish and Michele Trish I hope you are coping ok. It is a truly wicked and cruel form of cancer. Unless you have walked this path you have no idea the strain it puts on the partner. I am at the end of my rope. Terese
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Hi Therese, In reading your blog I feel a huge lump in my stomach and fear that inhales me. I can't imagine your pain and desperation. And, I know I have this all ahead of me. People say, "be strong". I say, cry if you need to, vent, scream, just let it! I'm thinking of you and your husband I hope it doesn't take too long. GBM is the cruelest cancer, even though my husband is 3.5 years in this journey, I still find it hard to believe it's happening to us. Take care Jo
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