I thought I was making some progress with my dad's cancer and was trying to feel as positive as he seems to be. Although I really think he is trying to be strong for me and prepare me for when the time comes. His morphein dose has been doubled today and he has been given even more tablets for nausea but when I ask him about pain/nausea he just says tablets are in case he does feel sick. I really don't know what to think. I am back to where I was weeks ago although now I think I realise he may not have much time. I just can't sleep- through the day I talk to him on phone and try to keep myself occupied( even though I have been in hospital last few days) but night times is the worst. That is when all my fears kick in and I wonder "how the hell am I going to go on without my best friend?" I know I need rest but it eludes me at the moment. Is it normal to feel like this?
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