Hi Missy Moo I assume you meant to put more than a heading there! However the answer is that lots of people have children after cancer, some of them contribute to this site. However, it depends on the type of cancer and a lot of other factors. However, this is something that should have been discussed with you before you began your treatment and if there was the risk that you could end up infertile, then various options should have been made available to you. Might be an idea to have a chat to those wonderful people at the Cancer Helpline 13 11 20. cheers Sailor Have you stood by the ocean on a diamond hard morning And felt the horizon stir deep in your soul? Eric Bogle, Safe in the Harbour
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Hi Missy Moo, I was a little surprised there was no content to the blog, I assume you may have lost your post. I just wanted to say my husband and I have had cancer and have 2 children so far 😉 yes I would like more. I was pregant with my first and found out I had thyroid cancer after his birth, 1 year after treatment I was aloud to concieve. Our 2nd was concieved thanks to science after my husband froze sperm before chemo for testicular cancer. Sailor is right, depends on the type of cancer and treatment. Always ask before treatement begins so that you can take the neccessary steps to freeze eggs or sperm or whatever it is you need to do. Best of luck to you. Amanda XX
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