Today, 4 months since he passed.

Still so very hard to get used to how much I miss him, feels like I lost a part of myself the day he left.

My best friend, my husband, my soulmate how I wish this never happened. We were supposed to grow old together but sadly this was not meant to be.

Love you forever.

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Sending hugs @Leesnell Heart


I've just sent you an email with some information about our telephone-based support group, that I think would be something you may be interested in. It will be coming from the Online Community email address (


Kate Heart

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Hi. I do want to express my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your dear husband.

My bowel cancer journey has only just started and I had questions about my own life and it was not nice. But you have had the devastation of loss. I am so sorry. I don't believe 'time heals all wounds' but I am a committed Christian with faith in a loving God and eternity.


Take care and somehow let God's love be a comfort.

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