Hi all,


My 16th cycle of chemo was a struggle, nausea was ok but the chronic fatigue reared it’s head.


I would get up at 8am for breakfast and chemo then be back in bed by 10am and sleep right through until dinner time. Two days after finishing I was back to normal though.


Good Xmas news On Tuesday I had my latest MRI  which showed no change at all, my neurosurgeon still can’t believe how well I am doing.


My next blood tests are between Xmas and New Year’s Day so hopefully they will be fine and continue with the chemo.


Merry Xmas to you all


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Hi Colin

Merry  Christmas. 


Great to to hear it is all heading in the right directionshame you go through the rough spot in the middle   

For me it was always focusing on the end of treatment and getting well again. 

I feel you should keep your Neurosurgeon guessing 


look ok after yourself. 



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