CANCER - Brings fear & dread to those suffering from it. For family & friends of those afflicted with it a sense of helpless & sorrow. It turns your world upside down. All plans & hopes for the future are held in limbo. Today 1st of May 2011 my husband & I would have been embarking on our overseas trip to Europe, except he now has cancer!
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Yes BJS I can identify very closely with your comments. I have cancer and "Limbo" is the word that best describes life as we go from one Doctors appointment to the next. Plans have been shelved and "Today" is the only day of the week for me, so I strive to make it a happy day and look for all the good things around me. It seems to take time to adjust to the new reality of our lives. I have been both a carer and a patient so have experienced it from both sides. I really think being a carer is harder as you feel so powerless to change the situation. Take my word for it as a patient, having an understanding carer/partner makes all the difference to your sense of comfort and well being. You are doing so much just by being there for your husband. The overseas trip will wait and will be all the sweeter if and when you achieve it My best wishes to you both ..... Jenny Williams
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Yes being a carer is a big thing. My husband had prostate cancer 5 years before and was still going for check-ups when my cancer was diagnosed a year ago. He has only one check to go if all is still ok,but mine will go on forever. He has had to put up with more from me than I did from him . We both will always do whatever for each other and that is motivation to want to keep on keeping on. I wish you well.
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I agree with you about feeling like your life is in limbo, I have been living with smouldering Myeloma for the past 3 years and last year I had a stem cell transplant. This diagnosis and subsequent treatment threw our lives into turmoil. We had planned once our children had finished school we would do some things for ourselves, travel etc. I had to take five months off work during treatment and recovery and now I cannot be immunised until October, so all our plans are also in limbo. We have been taking short breaks instead, going to lovely coastal B and B's, travelling to Sydney to visit friends and staying in acccomodation instead of with relatives. This may be how it will have to be for the moment, finding enjoyment in different ways. The little things in life become so much more important. I always felt sorry that my husband and children had to take this awful journey me but I was so thankful they were there to support me. Your husband really appreciates all your love and support and Europe will be there when he recovers. My best wishes to you both, try to stay strong Rachel C
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