Well its our wedding in 3 weeks... And of course my beloved husband to be's back is out.. He strained it and is constant agony. Today we had our menu tasting and it wasnt a happy affair.. He complained that i didnt do a good job in choosing our wedding menu and was snappy and moaning in pain.. I see other couples there all happy going about planning their wedding, yet i dont feel happy at all :(. I guess it might be the lack of sleep, the stress of the wedding and of course this fkn cancer! Im so tired of seeing him in pain, and i feel dreadful when i want it to be over asap... I have my days wen im ok, but when we are around eachother a lot i get quite adgitated. I find wen im without him i miss him but feel calm and relieved... That makes me feel like im a bad person 😞 Sorry for the whinge.. Ive dreamed of my wedding for years, never dreamed id b planning it knowing my new hubby wont b around for a long time after.. Lifeis so unfair! Maddie
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