hi all.. well my dear partner is having a ct and all that today to figure out this back pain.. apparently they now think its related to the cancer and im so scared it'l be spinal mets... can anyone tell me more info on this? can they do anything for the pain? im so frustrated as they only gave him an xray 3 weeks ago, and now all the sudden its serious.... just what we need 😞 now for the waiting part... life sucks
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So sorry to read your posts..I am feeling just like you at the sucks. My husbands recent MRI showed changes which they said were "radiation effects", don't believe them and just have to wait another 3 months for another. Like you I am sick of my friends saying I'm here for you but when you need them are running off to a barbaque, blah blah blah. My daughter had a melt down on the weekend at an outing and called one of the mothers a f%#.. bitch so her mum tried to tell me, crying I might add how she has had to watch her father die..sad ok but at 85 yrs old what does she expect, him to live forever...not something you say to a child as they watch their dad die. Went to use the toaster today found out he had cracked an egg in it wonder its smoking. I took the kids to school and usually he is up for a reasonable amount of the day be it confused and agitated. I was so scared to go look in the bed room as I feared the worst. Luckily, he wandered out at 1pm. So he's slept all night and 5 hours of the day, I asked if he was ok, had a headache or anything and he said thing he is back in bed and said he feels unwell. I feel just like you, expect with kids..see happy families doing stuff, planning and having holidays, renovating, shopping and here we are living on the poverty line, having to always say no to the kids, crying but trying to hide it from them. I am so sick of the deep pain. So hope your CT scan is positive and you wedding is all you want it to be in 3 weeks. Although are circumstances are different the cancer journey is nasty for all of us. I worry about trying to sell our house, as we won't be able to live here when he is gone. Where will we live, how will???? everything...people say they will be there for me, but if they are now now when I need them, why will they appear later. 😞
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Hi netty, thanks for your reply.. How shitty of that lady to say that to your daughter.. Some ppl just dont get it.. Like wen my grandpa died last year i waS sad yes but he was also old and had lived his life... Cancer isnt fair old or young but particularly in the younger... I know how hard it is... Does ur hubby have life insurance? I worry to but luckily i have my parents house to live om still.. Although inwish we had our own. i spose it would b much harder! You sound like your a busy mum.. It sucks wen ppl say theyl b there and theyre not. I know all about it! Sending u hugs and kisses xx
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Sorry ,Maddie and Netty , that you are both going through a bad time .
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Hi Maddie and Netty

So sorry to hear your partenars diagnosis and what comes with it. I to understand how horrible it is to wait . My hubby has multiple spinal mets but has no symptoms We found out a couple of days ago that he has an epidural mass with minor spinal cpmression out appt isnt till Sat . The wait is unbearable so feel your pain. Hugs to both of you. Have you done the telephone support group for carers through the cancer council I have had 2 sessions and find it helpful to chat to ppl in your own situation. Roz

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