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When one needs to go to consult/see Sai Baba it tells a lot about someone's - Dr. ''A lot of people take hope from my story,'' he said. ''By using me as the vehicle for airing their concerns is to overlook the point that I have been a source of hope and inspiration for many, many people for 30 years.'' I understand this but I can not accept it especially when you profit from someone's hope....over 30 years. My question is - has he earned his money by treating animals or selling hope to hopeful? ''I've seen beautiful young girls with their whole lives ahead of them and they go into these holistic therapies and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and then in the end we have to look after them. They all eventually get to us,'' he said. I guess that answers my question.
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Harker You say it so precisely that I have nothing more to add. Agree entirely. Sailor An incorrectly identified mark is a hazard, not an aid, to navigation. Alton B. Moody
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I think everyone here should read this ,especially those who believe so wholeheartedly in alternative therapies. I'm not saying there's no place for these therapies alongside traditional medicine." Cures" and other therapies need to be investigated . There was a doctor, featured on many current affairs programmes a couple of years ago , who claimed to have cured cancer patients .He was being shown as some hero whom the medical profession ignored . A while later he was exposed ,in this case, as a fraud. There are many "cures" which you can read about on the net as well.
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