Today was special - often I am so busy organising things for my mother-in-law, managing appointments and medication etc that I don't get to just be with her and enjoy the special person she is and the impact she's had on her family. I had hoped to get her out into the garden which she loves and misses (but feels scared to go out into alone.) Unfortunately the day was bitter cold and very grey and grim, so the garden was not a good idea. Instead, after I gave her injection and made a cuppa, we were able to just sit together for about 2 hours. She got out her jewellery box, I pulled my armchair close to hers, and we looked through all the treasures it held while she told me the stories behind each item. I won't forget this morning, it was a greater treasure than anything Mum's jewellery box contained.
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Glad you both spent this time together. It will be a memorable couple of hours.
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Memories are the real treasures in life. They are priceless, and where would we be without them. Sometimes we race through life not spending enough time to look around and enjoy the simple things that it has to offer.Its good to stop and smell the roses We think we and our loved ones will go on forever, then we get a reality check and our values change significantly. Build up a good stock of memories, its better than money in the bank. wombat4
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