Dealing with the symtpoms and demise that advanced cancer creates is really hard. Losing the person you love before they pass, is actually sometimes harder than losing them in the dying sense. I spend every day with my dad, but just don't feel like its enough, he is going through so much. The health and aged care system in regional areas is a labyrinth and that's makes it more challenging. And it is a lonely experience for me, it must be 20 times worse for dad. I haven't found much support locally or even regionally. And I have never blogged before, so trying any avenue possible"!
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Hi Fi It is tough being in the country and not having many resources available. I hope you can get a little bit more help and also find some comfort in being able to blog here and perhaps connect with people who can give you the understanding that everyone needs at a time like this. Julie
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I have never had to deal with watching a loved one in that siuation . It must be so difficult .
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