Last night my partner asked if I could take today off from work. I asked whether he was sick. If so, I will take a day off. He said no, he just wants me home with him. I would very much like to spend all my time with him but I am the only one doing the work and earning money to feed us both. I do not think I can afford to stop working. I have some saving money but not a lot and I do not know if there will be other things/services that I have to pay to provide the best care for him. Avastin took a big chunk out of my saving already. I also do not want to stop working as it means no income coming in and I will lose my skills. I expect to continue working for 20-30 years unless I happen to win tatslotto, not that easy as I never buy a ticket. I have 6 weeks of annual leave and 4 weeks of personal leave that I have been trying to save up for the past year and a half with my current employer so that I can spend it when my partner needs my care. In a way I feel I should spend most of my time with him now while he is still aware of my presence, enjoy my company, feel the love and have a chat with me rather than leaving him all by himself at home and feel lonely now and spend time with him when he does not recognise me any longer. I will have to see if I can afford to live with salary that I will earn in a part-time capacity or check out my partner's superannuation to see whether we can live off his super for a few months if I choose to spend more time with him, run out of leave and get leave without pay further down the track.
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