Hi, this is my first blog, I've been reading through other blogs and I have to say that I am really touched by the support here. My dad has refractory prostate cancer, he's had the cancer for 17 years (he is 72) & it was always controlled (radiation then hormone therapy) but now the silly thing has decided to have a spurt and has pooled up in a lymph node in his abdomen so my dear father is going through chemo. The cancer has never bothered him, scan after scan revealed nothing but the abnormal cells were identified and were controlled for years - until now. This is the first time that the cancer has started to allocate itself so the scary ride has begun for all of us. My biggest worry is that the chemo will not shrink the collection & that it will move along and spread. I have never been in this situation, it is so scary & I feel like I just want to burst into tears every time I see my dad but I know I can't. I have my good days & my bad days, I go into depression for a week then feel good the next. I find that others that have not been through the cancer experience don't understand and I don't blame them at all, I feel comfort speaking to others that have been there. Comments, feedback, support all welcome.
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Hi Positivity, First of all I love your name, it speaks volumes to me. Wow I must say your Dad is a real fighter, and hes done so well for 17 yrs. Damn Lymph Nodes, sometimes I wish we didnt have them. Thats where my Scc had decided to lodge itself, in my neck, so Ive had 2 major ops in a year because of the lousy thing. I face Radio in a few weeks, mine is not treatable with chemo, but Im sure that they will get the sucker. You keep staying positive, and being strong for your dad, and keep talking, this is a great site with so many wonderful people from all walks of life and situations. When you feel like a good cry then cry, I know I burst into tears sometimes, especially when people ask me how Im going, I hope all goes well for your dad and the stress is not too much of a burden for your family. Stay strong, Leesa
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Hi Beautylee, thanks for your words, this is an amazing place and I am so glad that I have found this site. You sound like an amazing person, good luck with your Radio in a few weeks, as long as we think positive thoughts we will have a positive outcome. Regards, Ashley.
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