dont know how ppl really do this.. i feel like im dying.. my husband of one month passed a little over two weeks ago and i feel like im getting worse not better... how do u do this? i try and get out and do this and that but i feel so achey sore all the time everything is such an effort for me... i feel panicky and when i think of my future without him in overwheelms me.. im so tired of this fucked up feeling! i thought itd be easier knowing he was dying but i was wrong.. i feel so awful 😞
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maddie86 Reads like your grief is overwhelming you, I know this sounds like a cliche but please consider going to your GP hopefully they can point you in the right direction so can receive whatever help you need at this terrible time in your life.Really feel for what you are going through cancer sucks kj
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Maddie Two weeks and your pain is still so raw. Don't be so hard on yourself. You have loved him so much and still do. It takes some time. Not for the pain to go away but for it to sit in a different place. Grieve and give yourself time. Take care and keep in touch here Rikki
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Maddie I feel for you so much i have not lost a partner through cancer but i have lost a parent, i saw my mum just die inside when her husband of 69 years passed away in front of her, she was devistated and did not want to go on but she needed to go on for her family around her it is very important for family to be with you at this time, Also as kj suggested maybe your doctor at this time or maybe a professional person you can talk with, i do hope this helps. Keep strong and keep going on as your husband would have wanted you to i doubt he would want you to feel like this as he loved you dearly abs
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