A cancer diagnosis and ensuing treatments initiated change to my life. No question about it. In an earlier blog, I likened cancer to a “slap in the face” suddenly you have to face the hard questions previously swept under the carpet. Change can be daunting especially when it is forced upon you. Over the past 4yrs I have been deconstructing and reconstructing my life. Would I have initiated so many changes without the intrusion of cancer… probably not… cancer has sped up the process. Would I be so open to talk to others on this website before cancer? probably not … I would have been compassionate but I truly would not have understood all that is discussed. Reading the diversity and similarities of experiences and also the unlimited strengths of individuals who contribute to this website has been a “saving grace” for me. Knowing others experience doubts and fears and that it is perfectly normal to feel that way… brings relief. Being positive all the time, as is commonly suggested by family and friends, is thoroughly draining! It is hard to attain a balance between positive and negative feelings, but life always brings many challenges. Being at the brink of that dark hole of depression was a frightening experience… A number weeks after surgery, I remember explaining to my local doctor how unsure I was about how to proceed. She replied “What are you worried about the cancer is gone, live your life”. Her answer was not the best advice I received…. Cancer is gone (comforting to think but did I know for sure), live your life… would love to but all these niggling doubts, constantly keep replaying in my thoughts! I decided to seek advice from another source. Through the help of a Breast cancer support group and this website I am exploring new directions to living life, not the same as my old life but like the way I read a recipe… I am working through one direction at a time. Reindeer
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The advice given by your doctor is similar to that which has often been expressed by my family. When I remind them that I have CTs and tests coming up and a colonoscopy due, they just look at me. For them the cancer was over, the day treatment stopped and my picc line was taken out. I now undertsand their perspective and have battled through the depression that the dissonant perspectives on life caused. I would love to make more changes to my life but sometimes it just seems all too hard and it is easier to slip back into old ways. As you stated reindeer, the canceer gives us a different/better view on how we need to live our lives. It is making the chnages that is difficult. Great food for thought. S
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Hi Reindeer I think surviving cancer gives us options that we never had before. Of course it gives us a lot of challenges also. Sometimes having options can be quite scary and challenging to us, however once overcome we seem to find a new depth of strength and courage that we once again never thought we would have. Julie xo
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Doctors are like our partners (or closest significant others) they get to be our focal points when they dont answer in quiet appropriste ways They are trying.... LOL Re your comment "but like the way I read a recipe…" hmm .....yum a nice rubbarb & apple crumble in the making, now thats something to die for with the best of intentions & respect for your past/future experiences (especially that dark hole of depression) Hugs Geoff
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