Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Philadelphia positive

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Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Philadelphia positive

Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Philadelphia positive 


She is only 30 years old. we have a 

10 year old daughter and a 

2 year old son

Diagnosed 01/06/2018

From Tamworth NSW

Currently in leukaemia foundation house in New Castle 

Med high risk chemo protocol treatment 

she is weak and mood I don’t have much support from her family and I’m here full time with the kids and her, I have quit my job and have no income, Centrelink is a slow process I’m highly stressed and worried about her treatment and don’t get a lot of answers. I’m trying my best while exhausted 

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Re: Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Philadelphia positive

Morning @JD and welcome to the Online Community,


How are you doing today? 


I sent you an email with a few options yesterday, but mostly to call 13 11 20 at your earliest convenience as they can help you with services available to you in both Tamworth and Newcastle.


Has anyone else here been in a similar situation to JD and has any insight?


We have a free telephone-based support group for Carer's that may also be of interest to you, it would certainly give you the space to share your experiences and receive support from others who have been or are in the same situation as yourself. If you're interested, please email or call 1300 755 632.


Some other resources that might be of interest to you:

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