Dads Rectal Cancer

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Dads Rectal Cancer

i am in USA and cant get to my dad who is 81 and was just told he needs to get a colostomy done for life... he just finished his 25 days chemo/radiation  and they said it shrunk but they still want to cut it all out.. i want him to get a second opinion... and i want him to ask why he cant do a second round of chemo which seems like it did not have huge side effects for him...

he is an active 81 year old but i fear the colostomy will eventually take more of a toll on him than seeking other treatments or at least a second opinion.. maybe someone here has an opinion or a direction to share...

many thanks

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Re: Dads Rectal Cancer

Morning @fcbmay17 and welcome to our Community ❤️


Have you spoken to your Dad about getting a second opinion? Over here in Australia, it is certainly the right of everyone to do so. And they may not be doing a second round of chemo if the first round of chemo/radiation is currently still underway. I am glad to hear he didn't have major side effects though, that's definitely a positive 👏


You may be interested in this list of questions, they are a great resource to print out and have a read of. You might like to print them out and share with your Dad too.


You may also like to read this information here about colostomies and what having a stoma bag is like.


@PhilPepper - would you mind sharing your experience with @fcbmay17 by any chance? 😘



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Re: Dads Rectal Cancer

hi iam in australia my husband has just been told he has anal cancer and he has 6weeks of chemo and radiation then see if he needs operation iam very worried cause it sounds big hope it shrinks hope your dad gets through it all the best my husband is 64 

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