Feeling lost

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Feeling lost

I’m just feeling a bit lost here. My mum who is the sunshine in my life has beaten pancreatic cancer against all the odds. Today we found out that there are two suspicious masses on her lungs that are very small and also possibly a “spot” on her spine which shows on the PET but not the CT. 

I’m trying to be strong and hopeful but so scared about what the future will bring. 

I don’t know what I’m looking for but I can’t sleep and I’m at a loss tonight. 

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Re: Feeling lost


Sorry to read about your Mum and the mass on lung and spine,it’s one day at a time again ,its very difficult waiting for next step,have her CA19.9 markers risen up as well.


A very stressful time in your lives,how is your Mums overall health ,apart from what’s occurring at present with the mass.

Best wishes to Mum & family.

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Re: Feeling lost

Hi KJ, 

thanks so much for your reply. It means a lot to know that there’s someone out there. I’m usually a reader and not a responder but I now

know how much it means to just hear from one person, so thank you!

My Mums tumour counts were rising on her last test 3 months ago but the computer systems were down yesterday so we couldn’t get the most recent results. I didn’t have the courage or want to ring today for the results. 

The really great thing is that my Mum feels wonderful. She’s full of life and to look at her, you’d never know she had or has Cancer. She’s an absolute fighter and so full of life. 

The pancreatic Ca was an incidental finding after a colonoscopy for diverticulosis just over a year ago, and her consultant suggested a CT abdo which we all thought was a bit OTT.

Anyway, here we are. 


Today was a better day, in fact it was a beautiful day full of fun and laughs.

As you said, one day at a time. 

Thnaks again for connecting. It meant

so much to me. 

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Re: Feeling lost

Hi Mary I can definitely understand you not wanting to ring for results.It is great you’re Mum feels good and full of life,oh yes she sounds like one tough Lady well done to her ,that’s nice yesterday was a lovely day.You also need to look after yourself at this time ,I have been through. Various stages of PC with my friends,don’t be hesitant to ask for help from your GP and other medical specialists. I am here just a keyboard touch away If I can be of assistance. Best wishes Kj
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