Fiance diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast cancer 4 days ago

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Fiance diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast cancer 4 days ago

Hi Everyone.... it already feels so good being able to join a forum like this to be able to just let my thoughts outs... My fiance was diagnosed with cancer in her breast and lymph node last Friday and she is actually on her way home now from her first round of chemo/overnight stay.  


I know this is only the beginning of our journey, but wondering if there is a thread or discussion group here that can advise on just day to day things if I have questions, probably especially regarding food and diet, but anything else I may need to ask as we go along. 


Thanks so much

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Re: Fiance diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast cancer 4 days ago

Hi @tobzko,


Thanks for joining the Online Community.


Sorry to hear of your fiance's diagnosis, you've taken a great step though in joining the forum, it's a great place to seek support for the journey ahead!


As a starting point, have a search via the search bar up at the top of the page for topics on breast cancer, chemo, or even food etc. There's a lot of great threads out there containing the information you seek.


Another suggestion I have for you, why not create a topic and treat it like a diary of your experiences? Then you can update it when you want to and others can post replies and comment 🙂


All the best,


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