Help - Husband diagnosed with cancer

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Help - Husband diagnosed with cancer

My husband has just been diagnosed with cancer. Its inoperable and he has been given about 6 months to live with chemo. 


I am devastated, shocked, numb. I keep looking at our kids who are both under 10 and i am filled with grief, not just for my husband, but on their behalf of my kids loosing their father so young. I am trying to keep it together. 


How have other people coped???? I have no idea how i am going to do this. 


We are planning on telling our kids when he gets home from hospital. 

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Re: Help - Husband diagnosed with cancer

I am so very sorry about your husbands diagnosis. How devastating for you all.


The only comfort I feel I have to offer is to not underestimate chemo, as it may give you longer than the 6 month prognosis. I have been in a similar situation where my step dad was given 3-12 months (with heavy implication from the doctor it would be a lot closer to 3 than 12), but with chemo he lived for almost 4 years from the date of his diagnosis.


The best advice I have it just take it day by day - there is not much else you can do. Focus on spending time with each other. Allow yourself time to grieve, and take care of yourself as well. 

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