How to help a patient eat and drink

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How to help a patient eat and drink

My mum is currently having Chemo treatment but she is feeling so sick and so fatigued that its getting harder to get her to eat any decent amount of food (especially when her taste has changed). 

Does anyone have any suggestions of how we can help her through this, foods to try, anything...

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Re: How to help a patient eat and drink


Try some scrambled eggs on soft toast,also blend a banana in hospital sustagen hope these suggestions help.

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Re: How to help a patient eat and drink

Hi Tegan,


Your Mum's doctor (either oncologist or GP) should be able to give her a referral to a dietitian at the Community Health Centre & they can give you lots of advice.  There are drink supplements which can take the place of meals that are easy to have & keep down, that you can get for her through the dietitian.



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Re: How to help a patient eat and drink

Heaps of smoothies is what I use for my wife post chemo when she can’t eat, I find if you add infant formula, my wife gets her proteins, sugar and fats and it’s easy to keep down. Also let your treatment team know as her weight lost is critical in her care. There are heaps of meds that can help and also professional dietitian can give you some recipes to use during the stages post treatment. My wife loves ice cream and jelly when her mouth feels all metallic and her mount is numb.

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