Sister's Lymphoma has progressed, again.

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Sister's Lymphoma has progressed, again.

My eldest Sister was diagnosed with NHL earlier this year. She's currently in RPA now with stage 4 NHL and is back on chemo until her trial starts. I had a 1:1 with the doctor and just asked for the details straight up. He initially said, considering how quickly this cancer has progressed, she wouldn't last more than a couple /a few months on chemo alone so they were hoping to get her into a trial much sooner. So basically, we just now hope that chemo has her with us long enough to start the trial (could be 1 or 2 months away) and that the trial works. Cannot imagine this world or our family without her. We lost our Mum 3 years ago and our Grandfather a year after that. I'm also 4 months pregnant and she's SO excited for the baby. My only fear is that she won't be around to meet my little one and be the most amazing Aunty.

It's so incredibly hard to see her lying in a hospital bed everyday, helpless. My God she's strong though and she's never complained. Never like, why me. She's just a trooper. She doesn't deserve this. No one does. Why isn't there a cure for this crap already?! 

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Re: Sister's Lymphoma has progressed, again.

Hi kareh84,


Cancer is crap, but most types have some sort of treatment protocol and new treatments are being identified all the time. We live in hope.


Be there for your sister!



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