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Hi Mary, I am the survivor and unfortunately my husband isn't a talker and we did very little discussion of what was improtant until recently. I was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago but I am doing rellay well at the moment. As a woman, perhaps you can anticipate a little more how you can help him day to day. Perhaps you are able to read when he needs help and when he wants to be left alone. I know that I was always thrilled when any one gave me small trinkets or thoughtful gifts - nothing grand but just something that showed that they acknowledged that I was struggling.Anticipating a need for a cuppa maybe. I think that just being there and trying to encourage him to voice or write down his feelings or fears and hopes is really important. I found that when we talked about when treatment was finished I felt that I could keep going. If this is hard (as it was for my husband)then make sure that you have someone to talk to or have a cry with. I think that he sounds very lucky to have you as a part of this time in his life. Lots of hugs, Samex ps I couldn't agree more if he has to have a picc line. Make sure that is in the arm next to the outside of the bed. They can get quite painfuland irritated after a while.
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