Lung Cancer Stage 4 (Non small cell). What to expect?

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Lung Cancer Stage 4 (Non small cell). What to expect?

My dear wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer at the end of Jan this year.  Was quite a shock as she has never smoked in her life. She decided to not go with treatment (chemo etc), as she wanted to enjoy the remainder of our time (as much as possible), without dealing with the possible side effects etc of treatment, and in her words, “didn’t want to prolong the suffering in the future”. She was given 6-9 months to live from the diagnosis. She has been getting very tired from the beginning, regular chest tightness, shortness of breath at times etc, and is on MS Contin (morphine). She is now also just starting to get nausea and dizziness more often. I am one for wanting to know what to expect (for better or worse!). Should I expect a sudden deterioration from here, or gradual, and what sort of symptoms from here would be expected? Thankfully she is managing to stay out of hospital at this time, but I guess that could soon change.

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Re: Lung Cancer Stage 4 (Non small cell). What to expect?

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I've just sent you an email with some information and options, you may also like to check our podcasts on advanced cancer, I think you may find some answers there to your questions. There's a special one on managing breathlessness you may especially like to listen to.



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