Mum has mouth/neck cancer

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Mum has mouth/neck cancer

Hi all,


Mum was diagnosed with a tumour in her neck and mouth about a month ago.


During the diagnosis process and the CT scans and PET scans etc she has been unable to eat much due to tongue and mouth swelling so has been living off liquids and liquid foods like soups etc


She has just completed her first chemo round and has a PICC line placed as well.


Due to her significant pain she has been on endone and morphine and the endone of course caused constipation which in turn eventually turned to diahorrea.


She has now not eaten since late Saturday/Sunday but we have been making sure to keep her fluids up.


Where do i go to from here? She is so weak - has lost probably close to 20kgs since early april - but wont eat.


Its so hard to watch and so frustrating as well.

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Re: Mum has mouth/neck cancer

I'm understand your worry over your Mums inability to eat and weight loss. My husband has a tumour at the Junction of his stomach and esophagus and can only have liquids and sometimes not even. He has lost 25kg since March and it's very upsetting watching him become sicker and weaker. Fingers crossed the chemo helps both our loved ones. X
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Re: Mum has mouth/neck cancer

Sending you my hugs and I do hope you're feeling okay by now and so is with your mom. How is your mom, is she eating already?  Just be brave and don't lose hope. Your mom is lucky to have you by her side. 

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