Mum is about to start Chemo

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Mum is about to start Chemo

My mum has just been diagonised with breast cancer which has already spread to the bone and liver, she is starting chemo this week. Its full on and accepting what is happening and going to happen is a full on process. I have researched some things already to try and help her in the chemo process but i know everyones different and all respond differently, i have watched a great mate go through this process at a very advanced stage and loose his battle, the fear is starting to kick in for me as to how much pain and sickness she is going to have to go through. no one like to see ppl in pain but she isnt just my mum she is my best friend, and i am finding it hard to gain the strength to get her through it. she is my world, the thought of the treatment not working scares me, but the thought of her in pain and being so sick scares me more!
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Re: Mum is about to start Chemo

Having supportive family makes a huge difference. It sounds like she is very lucky to have you by her side through this battle ahead of her. Facing fear and pain is never easy, if you can go to her appointments with her and talk to her nurses or doctors about what to expect, but remember everyone is different. Hugs to you Lou lou
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