My husband has lung cancer.

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My husband has lung cancer.

It was diagnosed 8 months ago.   At the same time we have great financial losses.   He is very depressed everyday he sobs.  He is on anti depressants but it doesn’t help. He is frightened and we spend hours dealing with his depression.   I am doing everything to keep my emotions strong.   I am getting support but I am also very tired.    Don’t know when it will end.  



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Re: My husband has lung cancer.

Hi Joy,

I'm sorry to hear that your going through a temporary tense moment in your life. It's really great to see that you have support! You know you could call the cancer council on ph: 13 11 20, they offer all kinds of services and support. Maybe they can offer some advice on what available financial services are out there for you? Maybe even visiting centrelink would be an worthwhile consideration.

You don't need to be strong all the time, no one is capable of that. It's okay to cry and it's okay to breakdown too, its how we release our frustrations or feelings of helpless throughout our daily lives. Remember that you are resilient and resilient people may stumble or even fall but they always eventually get back up.

Your not alone and many many others on here are very familiar with your story as it's theirs too.
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Re: My husband has lung cancer.

I wanted to encourage you. My husband has pancreatic cancer we had the whipple surgery and soon begin chemo. We also dealt with a huge financial blow. He has suffered guilt and shame and even hopelessness. I try to help him but at times my help seems to irritate him. 


I finally began journaling my fears frustrations even his responses. I found that doing this allowed for my frustration to be heard but not so vocal. I also will be praying for you and your husband cancer hits the entire family and we all deal with it’s stench differently. 


You are not alone. ❤️

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Re: My husband has lung cancer.

Thank y0u so much for replying and your sharing.  It is unbearable to watch your loved one and your friend suffering and being so scared.  Its hard keeping yourself like a piece of steel as they become so emotional reflecting what you feel but dont dare expresss because you want to be so strong for them.   I agree it is a stench that the cancer permeates throughout our family.   I want to protect my children and keep them feeling all will be well but i and they know it will not go away.  It will remain in the backround all the time even if the treatment and trials keep it on hold it will always come back to start again.    We can only live by the day by the day.   Trying to enjoy a little at a time.   I have decided to go on antidepressants to help me through the next 6mths because we have lost our house and we need to find another life.  I know we will survive.  Or I will survive.   Thank you so much for making contact.


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Re: My husband has lung cancer.

You do whatever you feel is necessary to take it day by day. You will make it through, time flows ever forward. In the meanwhile if you ever feel like talking, we are here for when ever you need.

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Re: My husband has lung cancer.

Hi Joy1,


I'm so sorry for what you are going through.  I am going through the same thing.  A different, rare cancer. 


My husband oscillates between angry and sad, mostly angry.  Plus, he is in pain.  It is excruitiating to watch him be in pain and be so angry.  The truth is, he was angry before, but now it is a whole new anger...with sadness.  It is heart-wrenching. 


He is also angry at me.  I feel so guilty that he has cancer and I don't that I feel like I deserve his anger.  Which, is not emotionally healthy.


Anyway, you are not alone.


I am sending you healthing thoughts and prayers.



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