My mum has terminal cancer.

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My mum has terminal cancer.



Our family has had terrible news this week.  My mum has terminal cancer and has been given only 3-6 months to live. Shes in her 60's.


She only had a few minor stomach pains over the past month, other than that she "seems" fine


Shes never smoked, hardly ever had a drink and her diet is great. It feels so unfair.

She is also overseas so its hard to try an get over there due to Covid. I will get there but might take time to process.


When Dad called me to tell me the news we were both in shock for the first 2 days like it wasn't real. Now its just grief. She also sounds shell-shocked when i talk to her.


Once I get there i will just spend time with her and create try to create good memories why she is still able.


Thanks for reading.

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Re: My mum has terminal cancer.

Hi Frankie: I'm sorry to hear about your situation, I empathise as I have just learnt recently of my mum's lymphoma diagnosis, still in grief/shock.


Like you, I am processing the unfairness as my mum had a sensible lifestyle and regularly saw doctors for checkups, bloods always came back A-OK, until recently, out of the blue.


Best wishes for you going to support your mother and spending time with her overseas.

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