My mum has terminal cancer.

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My mum has terminal cancer.



Our family has had terrible news this week.  My mum has terminal cancer and has been given only 3-6 months to live. Shes in her 60's.


She only had a few minor stomach pains over the past month, other than that she "seems" fine


Shes never smoked, hardly ever had a drink and her diet is great. It feels so unfair.

She is also overseas so its hard to try an get over there due to Covid. I will get there but might take time to process.


When Dad called me to tell me the news we were both in shock for the first 2 days like it wasn't real. Now its just grief. She also sounds shell-shocked when i talk to her.


Once I get there i will just spend time with her and create try to create good memories why she is still able.


Thanks for reading.

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Re: My mum has terminal cancer.

Hi Frankie: I'm sorry to hear about your situation, I empathise as I have just learnt recently of my mum's lymphoma diagnosis, still in grief/shock.


Like you, I am processing the unfairness as my mum had a sensible lifestyle and regularly saw doctors for checkups, bloods always came back A-OK, until recently, out of the blue.


Best wishes for you going to support your mother and spending time with her overseas.

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Re: My mum has terminal cancer.

Hi CMS and thank you.


Im sorry you are going through this. It is a shock isnt it.


I managed to get home however im in hotel iso for another 10 days. At least im home and can see mum soon.


She had a biopsy a few days ago and will take time for result. Dad was looking at the scanner during the biopsy. He called me later in tears saying "there so much of it, its spread" 


Its just surreal. One month ago she went to her GP for gas in the morning. Now the Drs say she likley wont make it to xmas. She is still fine in her self and that is still her only symptom.

Its so cruel.


I hope your mum can recover CMS.

Thanks again.


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Re: My mum has terminal cancer.

Thanks, I'm sorry you're going through it too. Yes a big shock, it put me in an emotional tailspin for about 6 weeks, I've only just started to adapt / recover this week.   However, it was one that was caught early and is highly treatable and so far she's responding well to early treatment, hoping it continues this way.


I'm sorry you're having to deal with limited time with your mother, i guess make the most of it by using the time to have some truly emotionally-connected conversations and spend some quality time with her/create memories as much as you can. 


Also, do a personal inventory on yourself as to what "self-care" you need, be it counseling/extra long sleeps/herbal remedies or other treatments/helpers/support systems.  Otherwise it's so easy to go into a hole without realising it's happening. 


Take care - CMS

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