How do I cope?


How do I cope?

My mum was diagnosed with terminal metastatic cancer in her lower left lung in 2018 and ever since, she has been on and off chemotherapy. Right now, amidst the coronavirus, she is going through chemo. On top of this, my sister has been through so much recently, and I've been struggling with things too.


She's becoming more depressed, and saying this is the last time she'll do chemo because it only keeps making her more depressed and feel worse. She says she'll be given however many months to live and it'll all be over. She's tired of feeling pain and feeling depressed, and tired of dealing with our family issues on top of her own.


My mum is the only parent in our life, and my sister lives outside of the house 6 hours away with her fiance. I'm the only one living with mum, and I'm still in school. Hearing that she basically wants life to end is absolutely heartbreaking and I don't know what to do or what to say.


She says she feels lonely but won't look for a partner because she doesn't want to put anyone in a position that'll leave them more hurt.


I genuinely am so stuck and as someone who is incredibly over-emotional, I have no idea how to cope with my mum telling me all this.

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Hello @willowcoco and welcome to the community!


That must be really tough on you, caring for your Mum ❤️


Have you given 13 11 20 a call? They may be able to recommend some services or things to get some help for you at home, and make some recommendations for your Mum as well.


I'm also sending you an email with some information as well.



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