Partner has bowel cancer

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Partner has bowel cancer

My post first my husband  of 43 years gas just been diagnosed with bowel cancer after a routine don't. I'm feeling so alone and scared being a nurse has just made it harder. Where do people get support from

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Re: Partner has bowel cancer

Hi Filafrog,

They talk to friends and family, they  join community support groups and they join up to support groups like this one.

Some of us here have had cancer,  some have cared for people with cancer and others have done both.

While this is an online community,  the reality is I do care about your story.


What can you tell me about your husband?

How are you?




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Re: Partner has bowel cancer

Hi Filafrog,


If you have free time, please take a look at some of these supporting and informative web links. Some provide insight to other's experiences which can help with comfort too. - Support listings, healthy recipes, bowel cancer forums, bowel cancer stories and additional resources. - Cancer Council Support - Overview - Cancer is an universal experience.


Re: Partner has bowel cancer

This experience is like walking into another dimension for you hey?

Usually you have the, I guess comfort and stability of seeing through your eyes as a nurse and at other people's journeys. But now you have been flung into this enormous abyss where there isn't anywhere it seems to get a foot hold.  Well I hope these forums help you grasp that hold. 

The hospital will have a psychologist on board to help your husband. If you check in with them they will help you or find a colleague who can. The team here at the Cancer Council have also put us in touch with a local counselor who we are about to start seeing. In our case though it is about managing the family dynamic; the behaviour prior to diagnosis which hasn't changed which puts enormous strain on us.

You will know that nurses are a wonderful source of care and knowledge and this is where you will find much...from the oncology nurses. My daughter in law is one. She has been amazing for my stepson, her brother in law. Her team has been awesome in helping us all through his anxiety and although he really pushed their buttons by referring to Dr Google as the expert they were great. 


Please make a point of checking in with us as you progress through this please 🙂

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