This is our story.


Re: This is our story.

Hi again CC, I'm sorry to hear that Brett's cancer has spread to his liver. When I found out that I could not have surgery I was devastated. I thought I would be dead almost immediately. Chemotherapy was my only chance to buy a bit more time. (I was not offered radiation.) My oncologist told me that there was a 60% chance that chemotherapy would be effective and that I had a 40% chance of living 12 months past diagnosis. He was not more specific than that. At time of diagnosis I had very little pain, just vague aching around liver, and only needed the occasional panadol. Worse for me was the oesophageal discomfort, choking and bringing up whatever I tried to eat. Brett's pain sounds really bad - where is he feeling the pain, do you know what is causing it? Everyone has a different cancer and treatment experience. I was fortunate that the chemo worked for me, and quickly - I was able to eat a couple of weeks later. I hope that Brett's treatment is just as effective and that you have positive results soon. I think that being young is an advantage. My initial chemo was tough going and I am thankful for the support, encouragement - and sometimes nagging! - of my partner, I could not have done it without him. Cancer is hard on partners and families, so look after yourself too. I am thinking of you both and wish you all the best. Rather than say 'be positive' which frankly sometimes is impossible, I will say 'be determined'. I am happy to answer any questions you have about my cancer journey. Kathy
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Re: This is our story.

Hi CC, I'm sorry that Brett's cancer has spread. I'd just like to say that I have stage4 oesophageal cancer with lung and adrenal gland mets. It has been 15 months since my diagnosis and I've had 2 courses of chemo. The first chemo was very effective but also very tough. The second (current and a few months later) is much gentler, I'm used to it now and my quality of life is fantastic. I really am living normally. You wouldn't know I had this illness unless I told you or my snazzy hairstyle gave it away. Managing the side effects is important and you have to tell the medical team so they can help you. I do feel tired from the chemo and have decided not to work. I eat well too. I've some nerve pain but meds like lyrica are very effective. Please look after yourself too. I know how much I relied on my husband in the early days and he had to deal with a lot of emotional turmoil from me. I don't think I ever asked him how he was. We are in a much better place now. Oh, I'm older, 48.
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Re: This is our story.

CC My husband too has oesophageal cancer, diagnosed in January . I'm new to the forum and wish to connect to other wives/carers. We have 2 children 16 and 20. My husband has had chemo, radio therapy and recently a stent inserted into his oesophegus.
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Re: This is our story.

I felt much the same as you when my husband was diagnosed with the same disease. He had a nasal feeding tube for four and a half months, radio/chemo and he had his esophagus surgery 1.5 wks ago. The waiting is horrible. now we are on the other side of surgery, its still hard as recovery will take a while.

My hubby joined the volunteer physio session at FSH which was great!! and recommend you enquire about it at the hospital, as your hubbys fitness will be considered for a surgery date.

He built up ready for the op, stayed positive and went through each step at  a time.

Post surgery his outlook is good and sometime soon I will have my man back to normal, bossing me around. They can cure or manage it for a very long time.

Once treatment has finished, you will be amazed how well he is. 

Wishing you a bright future xxxx

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Re: This is our story.

Cathyedu thank you for your reply, I am uplifted by your positive story (if a cancer experience can be such a thing?!). 


Unfortunately for us, our story wasn’t one of the good ones. Brett died on January 17, 2015, 42 days after his diagnosis. Our children were 2, 3 and 5. Our oldest child started primary school just 9 days after his funeral. He was 35. 


I like to think that Brett’s death at such a young age was to spare others, it’s just a belief I have, and so, with that in mind, I do believe your husband will be bossing you around very soon, and I look forward to hearing about it when he does! 


Ours wasnt a good outcome, but I pray that yours will be. 💛


Cath x

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Re: This is our story.

My husband was diagnosed with esophegeal cancer stage 3/4 a year ago. We now have 11 folfox chemo treatments and 5 immunotherapy fusions under our belt, and have a pet scan next week. Not many people have this type of cancer, it is hard for me to find others who are dealing with it. Right now my main focus is chemo husband is starting to become physical with me...and I am concerned. Anyone want a pen pal?? I am 66 but very young at heart.....marci9.jpg

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