Twice relapsed AML

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Twice relapsed AML

Hi everyone I’m new here 

my fiancé has acute myeloid leukaemia and was disganosed back in early June. The prognosis was good initially he’s young only 30 fit otherwise healthy. They did chemo and it went into remission twice and unfortunately relapsed and his leuekmia is now resistant to all chemotherapy. 
the doctors said the only hope is a stem cell transplant but there’s only a 10% chance it will be successful as my fiancé has to go ahead with the transplant with active cancer cells as his cancer is resistant to the chemo. 
he had the transplant and unfortunately has caught a viral and bacterial infection and he’s now in icu getting help to breathe. 
we find out the day after Christmas the bone marrow biopsy results and I am so afraid. Either the best news of our life it’s been successful, or the worst. And I am so very scared for the worst. But trying very hard to remain positive and trust in the universe. 
we have two small children 1 & 3 and we need him to get well and come back home to us we miss him terribly 


I guess just posting to see if anyone else has had a similar story? And did you make it? 
and just to share how terrified I am, but trusting too in the universe

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Re: Twice relapsed AML


I'm very sorry to hear about your fiancé's cancer. With such a young family too and at christmas too.

Very heart breaking experience too.


Sometimes the statistics and the odds can feel utterly overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like everything is crushing down.  But 10% chance is hope. Hold on to that.


I've had bowel cancer, but my odds of surviving that cancer were good, although due to my genetic condition, I have a 70% lifetime change of bowel cancer. I'll fight that.

Previously I had physical trauma where my chances of ever living a normal life again were so tiny. But I did it.

So never underestimate what the power of his will to survive, combined with your love and support can achieve.

Thinking of you and your family and sending you love.




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