When is enough, enough!?!

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When is enough, enough!?!

My father had cancer in his cheek/neck. Had surgery and radiation.

My mother had breast cancer. After a mammogram and chemo, all was fine.

I had a Nodular Melanoma on my scalp which went to a lymph node in my neck. 2016/2017

2017 JJulyStarted Immunotherapy Trial
Thyroid, kaput
Diverticulitis,  shown on scan results
Kidney biopsy
Lung biopsy
SVT racing heart, irregular heartbeat
2018 Sept Pnuemonitis
Lung biopsy
200mg prednisone  twice daily
2019 Jan pulmonary embolism
ESBL     Under infectious diseases Drs at RAH for invasive fungal infection
2019 12 Jan Clexane injections 100mg twice/day
2019 15 Jan bleed in abdomen.  3 ambulances at my house. 5 hours work on me in Pt Aug hospital.  Flown by Medstar to RAH. Bleeding fixed. 1 wk in intensive care, 3 weeks in ward.
Kidney stents put in, removed 6 weeks later. Frequent bladder infections, high temps, rigors from stents
2019 April pneumonia
2019 start of posterior Sub-Capsular cataracts, caused by steroids
2019 May/June another bout of pneumonia
2019 July. Diagnosed with Organising Pneumonia - back on steroids
2019  30th July heart ablation
2019 Sept/Oct cold. Chest infection and ear infection, lasted 3 weeks
2019 Oct Sliding Hiatus Hernia
2019. 19th Nov stopped steroids
2019 December Panadol Osteo and Ibrufen 400mg, 3 x per day for muscle/joint pain

2020 30th Jan Sliding Hiatus Hernia
2020 13th Feb saw Rheumatologist at Royal Adelaide Hospital Started Plaquenil for joint and muscle pain

Polymyalgia Rheumatica 
2020 13 Dec Diverticulitis.  Flown to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 4 nights. Suspected ruptured bowel.


My husband was diagnosed with Neurological Sarcoidosis 2003

Then was diagnosed with Subacute Lupus last year.


Now my mother has just found out that she has lung cancer!!


I know that people say, "What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger." BUT seriously,  haven't we been through enough!?


To top it all off, my sister in laws mother is in the final stages of cancer as well.



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Re: When is enough, enough!?!

Hi @Wendywitchiepoo,

It exhausted me just reading what you & your family have been/are going thru. You obviously have a great fighting spirit in you, & I hear you about the pred. I've recently had cataract surgery on both of my eyes. I had 2 cataracts on each eye, both caused by the pred.

I have loved reading your expressive writing. I was just reading out some of your work to my husband as it fits us both pretty much to a T.

I hope you & your family are having an enjoyable Christmas. I wish you all the best.

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