brain surgery aftermath

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brain surgery aftermath

so im sitting in hospital now with my grandfather who had a craniotomy on thursday. He's a total mess...cant speak, struggles to communicate, paralysed down his left side... Doesnt look like himself at all. He's extremely agitated, keeps trying to rip off equipment, even ripped off his whole bandage at one stage leaving his wound exposed. He's too strong to stop him so they've had to restrain him by tying his good arm to the bed. He alternates between tapping his hand against the bed to tell us he wants it off with this horrible devastated look in his eye, and struggling with all his might to get free. Obviously being restained is distressing him a lot and we really need to get him to sleep...but when he's out of the restraint he keeps pulling his oxygen mask off and his levels get too low...they've given him tonnes of morphine and some mild sedatives but nothings working, he just keeps fighting it off. We're trying to reassure him, hold his hand but he just keeps pushing us away, hitting us as best he can or squeezing with all his might intil its painful. He bent my auntys thumb as far back as he could when she was trying to comfort him and wouldnt let go. Its breaking my heart, i just wish there was something we could do 😞
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