Differing views between oncologist and GP

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Differing views between oncologist and GP

Hi everyone!! And thank you for being there🧡

Husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer metastising to lymph and spine 3 days ago. Unfortunately, as covid on ward, discharged before radiation oncologist could see him for follow-up, just a script faxed thru for firmagon injection to be given by GP. Who we saw today, and injection given. 

However, experiencing quite a lot of breakthrough pain despite Oxycontin 15mg twice daily, using Oxycodone 5mg to cover that as per oncologist advice. 

GP feels this is an elephant gun to kill a mosquito, ignored the pain diary we'd been keeping with meds marked, and wants pain relief both Oxycontin and Oxycodone as well as paracetamol and ibuprofen reduced. 

I am extremely unwilling to mess with oncologist's regime, as this is her field. 

Do I be a bitch and telephone oncologist to get her to bring GP in line?

Shan't see oncologist for a fortnight, and that is too long to have uncontrolled pain.

Any advice or personal stories would be so gratefully received, as right now I'm not coping and feeling like shrieking. (There has been a bit of swearing!!!!)

Thank you all so much ❤ 

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Re: Differing views between oncologist and GP


I'm sorry to hear about your husband.

When I had my treatment (quite some time ago now) the oncologist wrote the script and I then had it filled out. Not sure why the oncologist didn't just write your husband the script to be filled by the chemist. After all, a qualified oncologist can certainly write a prescription. 

Maybe your oncologist is some distance away?


I wouldn't call that being a bitch. I think that is a perfectly normal question. Call the oncologist and explain that your husband's GP has concerns about the medications that they have prescribed and seek clarification and further steps.

But you could just ask the oncologist to write the script.



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Re: Differing views between oncologist and GP

thanks for the share.

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