Mother just diagnosed and I'm not coping

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Mother just diagnosed and I'm not coping

Hi everyone, thank you for reading my post. My 71 yr old mother has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I believe it is early stage however I have not heard this directly from her specialist so I'm not completely convinced yet. She has had surgery this week to remove the tumour and will start radiation and tamoxifen soon. I am just so devastated and cannot begin to image life without her if it turns out to be aggressive. I guess I'm looking for hope that she can have a positive, long term outcome. Thanks in advance xxx

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Re: Mother just diagnosed and I'm not coping

Hi @JoJo_star ,

I'm very sorry to hear about your mother.

How is she feeling about what is going on?

How are you?


Here on the online community you will find many examples of people living long and productive lives, whether they make full recoveries or not.

Treatment from a medical team and help provide a full recovery, help extend life, provide pain relief, provide advise and many others things.


If she is in the early stages of cancer, then she should have a good diagnosis.

Regardless of your mother's diagnosis, I hope that you both find a new found energy.


Here are some links that might be helpful.


All the best,







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