Need help!!

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Need help!!

Hi everyone, so just to catch you up my dad has Bowel cancer that has spread to his liver. He has had two rounds of chemo but had to stop after getting an infection and being in hospital for a week and a half. He is home now and the doctor was wanting him to get his appetite, strength, more weight back up before doing another round. So he has been doing that. Now just recently the doctor has said that she doesn’t want to do anymore chemo on him as  his body won’t handle it and that he will go back in hospital and not come out as it will put to much strain on his body. Also he has small cell rectosigmoid metastasiss which you only get in the lungs but it started in my dad’s bowel/liver which is rare. My dad’s liver is failing but all his other organs are fine, his bloods are fine aswell and the tumour in his Bowel hasn’t grown. I need help because I want a second opinion but I dont know who to talk to about all this. There has to be some kind of treatment my dad can have. There has to be other options, there has to be something!!!! Please help me!!

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Re: Need help!!

Hi neddyrum,

I am y sorry for your father's situation. If he wants a second opinion, he can either ask his oncologist, or go to his GP & ask for a referral to a different oncologist. He is entitled to have a second opinion if he wants, & a third.
Best of luck.
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