Question about lymphoma symptoms

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Question about lymphoma symptoms

5C184D97-379F-4A2C-8A90-16951EB70E48.jpegUpper thighCAC9B7AA-7BFD-4F90-A506-F159AA382FA3.jpegLeft shoulder33D346EA-1D03-4A63-BD50-B0A284E94C39.jpegLeft shoulder a couple days later378B0AC0-21E3-4E2A-AFEE-72796C863C9A.jpegChest just below neckHi all,


Just wanting to see if anyone else has had something like this happen and if I need to be worried... for the past 2 months I’ve had very itchy skin, mainly on legs, arms, chest and sometimes my back / stomach. Sometimes it’s just really itchy and red but goes back to normal and other times I get something like the photo attached. It’s like a rash however it’s under my skin. Funnily enough, once I have that rash it doesn’t cause any itching and eventually goes away - however the itch in that area can return a couple weeks later. The original itching first started from when I got very sunburnt on a cruise, I ended up getting an extreme itch on my legs and back where the burn was and the doctor said it was an allergic reaction, prescribed a cream and anti hystemene and sent me on my way. The cream did dull the itch and the areas of my sunburn improved however 2 months later I still get itchy but it’s all over now, not just limited to where I was sunburnt. 


I have been back to the doctor and had a blood test, all blood count is fine and I have excellent health - in regard to the spots and rashes I’ve been getting, the doctor just said I should moisturize after a shower with sorbelene.... 


also so for the past few weeks I’ve been exhausted. Not so much a need to sleep, just no energy even just after 2 hours of being awake. 


I know itching and fatigue can be a symptom of lymphoma - I have checked my lymph nodes in my neck, armpits and they don’t appear to have any enlarged lumps - however that being said I generally am a little lumpy apparently so I find it hard to tell as I do feel lumps but I  am not sure if that’s normal or not. 


I feel like the doctors don’t seem to care all too much, I’m 29 so still young and blood count was fine - I just don’t think putting some sorbelene on my skin is going to solve the itch/rash - however I have attempted it and it hasn’t done too much. 


Has anyone experienced this before - and had a rash that looks like mine? Should I be pushing my doctors to test further ? 

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Re: Question about lymphoma symptoms

Hi Lauren, I'll say straight up that I'm not a Doctor, however my husband was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma so I'm pretty confident when I say if your blood tests were fine then you don't need to worry about lymphoma.  If it was lymphoma your white cell count would not have been normal.  Maybe you could ask for a referral to a Dermatologist (skin specialist) about your rash? 


Did you mention your fatigue to your Doctor?  That may be something they can help you with- vitamin or mineral deficiencies can be common causes and are simple to treat.  I wish you improved health!  love Emily

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Re: Question about lymphoma symptoms

I have listed some of the lymphoma symptions:


  • Painless swelling in a lymph node
  • Recurrent fevers and excessive sweating at night
  • Persistent itch all over the body 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Coughing
  • Tiredness 
  • General fatigue
  • Headache
  • Weight loss

Itching happens over the body as I am able to see in the image shared by you.But before reaching any conclusion,better to consult experts.

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