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I stopped chemo after almost two and a half years. It was taking its toll on me, should I go back to treatments ?

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Chemo can be quite difficult on the body but everyone reacts differently. It depends on the dosage, type and length of the treatment as well. Maybe your treating doctor can recommend some advice to help assist with the symptoms? The next treatment could change in reaction level too. 


You could try different treatment options but ultimately that's completely up to you. Have a discussion with your doctor to see, where he/she thinks would recommend.

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Re: Chemo

My two cents ?   Yes.

Hey, it's a complicated life.  There's topics like euthanasia and abortion and all kinds of muddled threads of thinking and belief that people hesitate to give advice, and these days it seems especially that there's an expectation not to offend, and to have viewpoints that are all-inclusive, wise and inoffensive.


But hey, we have cancer, so let's be real instead, eh ?

Life is finite.  Death is the experience that we, all of us, will one day share.


Chemo is one of your tools to delay this expiry date.


Even if it's hard.  Fight.

Even if you're tired.  Fight.

Even if it feels like it might be more comfortable to accept end of life and have more quality in your final days.  Fuck that.  Fight.

As long as the doctors say treatment is viable (not palliative), I think you should fight.  Your life is beautiful and sacred.  Fight for it.

If it's palliative - different story .. you have to find the fine line between discomfort from the chemo and discomfort from not having the chemo, and find the balancing point that gives you the most quality of life.  I'd ask my doctors about it and have them help me reach a decision.


But if there's a chance it will shrink or kill the cancer, a chance it will prolong your life, even if only by six months ?  Fight.

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