Living Funeral or a Celebration of Life.


Living Funeral or a Celebration of Life.


Such an amazingly cherished and contented day was celebrated yesterday with loving  family and friends as I had a “ Living Funeral”. ‘


So why a living funeral, well it’s more about a celebration of life, it’s a way of me giving back,  it’s a way of thanking all those beautiful people who have impacted and contributed to our relationship throughout the years, the recognition that they truly deserve as i can’t do that when I am dead.


It’s not for everyone I can accept that, but what is important to me is knowing that I made the opportunity and the connection and I can now rest knowing that I had said what my heart wanted to convey, to those who are near & dear to me.


There was reflection, memories, joy, peace and some sadness, but above all LOVE.

LoL 💙 💙 Peter 💙 💙

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