Struggling with it all.

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Struggling with it all.

I have no family or friends for support.

My brother who i helped support him when he had prostrate cancer and he had tumour successfully removed told me during an argument ....your gunna die in misery and pain. Just his way of helping....kill me.

There is no cure for PNET.

I can not toletate the injections which are my only hope in extending my life and surgery is pointless.

All conversations with Drs now are about " when the time comes" ie for each stage i will go through until....."" the time comes "

I have no future. My life is basicly over. I will just be existing until the time comes.

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Re: Struggling with it all.

Well, until the time comes, you can decide how you want to spend your time  - either you can choose to not let it defeat you; or you can.

 You can choose to be as happy as you can; or you can let it defeat you now.


Personally, I will fight to live every day until I can no longer fight.


Where abouts is your tumour ?  From what I've read, there's a 53% chance of survival after 5 years for PNETS, & why did the doctors say surgery would be pointless?  Perhaps, you should find a second opinion?


Don't give up hope David50.  While you draw breath, there is always hope.





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Re: Struggling with it all.

Hi David50,


Please do continue your posts on here, we all wish to be by your side as you endeavour throughout  your long journey. Maybe some stories about your day or little adventures that you took?? Do you have any pets? If so, maybe you can share some with us?? 

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