Terminal lung

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Re: Terminal lung

Hi Lee Roy.


I totaly understand your comments and in no way offends me at least.

I feel the same with my Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor.


I am sick of it all and im only at the begining of the end and have alot of suffering to do and have already.

I am now getting palitive care and my life is much better now that  my pain and symptoms are being properly dealt with so i can be more functional more days instead of being bedridden basicly from pain and Lanreotide side effects and depression and anxiety.

I hope things in your life can be the best they can under the circumstanes.


All the best Lee Roy.

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Re: Terminal lung

Hi LeeRoy

I thought I would write to you asking of your wellbeing and that today you are graced with love.

It is Heartbreaking to read replies and the Deep Impact upon Mental Health especially the Heart. I can only imagine how you feel as at times one's despair can vary greatly. 

I was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer with little hope of Recovery once they removed my Lung and I am still here 4 years later but I had to fight though I did not know I was doing so for it felt the opposite. If I was going to "kick the bucket" then it would be on my terms, it was not the Cancer that scared me, it was Life itself. I had to overcome many personal journeys to reach a point of, not acceptance but rather understanding beyond myself.

I still question my Life but it is not with discontent but rather with 

Who Am I, Why Am I Here, questioning my Self Worth and Values and whether I could contribue to Life without Regret. I continue to Fight even in my darkest days, the Loneliness of Loss. In saying this I gained a New Life that I dreamt of as a child. There is no wrong path of healing for at the end of a moment we make our own decisions. I needed help in all aspects of my life and had to learn to walk again holistically. Four years of shedding layers.

For me, I walk towards making moments count even in severe pain. I make my life matter. Its my responsibility to grow my family though I am separated from them and I have no children. I have received very little support over 4 years by choice. 

We have so much to offer should it be a short or long time.

May you be well

Kind Regards


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Re: Terminal lung

Hi Lee Roy Thank you for your reply. I am glad to read that your pain and suffering is being dealt with to give you some form of quality of life. It seems to be so ongoing with so many sufferring with pain, ongoing and neverending illnesses. Popping in to express my gratitude and gentle journeys to you. Ngahuia
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Re: Terminal lung

I was cancer free 2018 after going through really gruelling treatment . My lung cancer has returned. It’s given me an opportunity to put everything in order. Many people don’t have that time to plan. I can’t do much because of the breathlessness, I was always active it’s quite depressing and boring virtually doing nothing all day every day. It’s good to have a forum like this where your not alone or judged. Thank you

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