The Irony

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The Irony

So after 8 years of aggressive high grade Pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP), chemo, 7 surgeries (I can remember) loss of multiple organs, the one that’s gonna get me is benign and I’m no longer operable….as it slowly closes my stomach I hear it gurgle away like it’s taunting me….I really wished I hadn’t asked and walked out thinking it was aggressive like they’ve all been….benign…who’d have thought…oh the irony, I so wished I hadn’t asked cause it makes no sense, this damn disease makes no sense 

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Re: The Irony

Hi @BadWolf73 

I'm sorry to hear.  It sounds like you've had a hard time of it.

Sometimes it just feels like it's just one thing after another and they just keep on going. As if we barely get time to catch our breath before the next issue hits. Or at least that is how it felt for me.

I've had so many surgeries and operations and parts removed, I feel somewhat like a mutant some days.


If it is benign, why is it no longer operable? Because it's too close to important parts?







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Re: The Irony

I’ve had 3 hipecs and two emergency surgeries days after, I’ve been opened to many times and the scaring is to bad. After my last op I was left with a 9cm deep hole that was 2-3cm wide …..took a long time and a very dedicated home care nurse with out of the box thinking to help close it 

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