To undergo Stem Cell Transplant or NOT

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To undergo Stem Cell Transplant or NOT


I was diagnosed with both Hodgkin and Non-Hodgekin Lymphoma in 2009.  I received ABVD treatment in 2009 and an Autologus Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) in 2012.  I handled ABVD well, continue to work with minimal disruption.  BMT knocked me around a bit, and I had to wind up my lucrative professional consulting practice.  However, after a Splenectomy in 2018 March, I have have been in the best health for last 18 months.  

Now, doctors have diagnosed me with Myelodysplasia (low palletlet count) and preparing me for an Allogeniec Stem Cell Transplant.  I was told a month ago, that if I am not treated I have 19 months to live.  Even with treatment my life span is estimated to be 5.5 years.



I live in Wellington, New Zealand.  New Zealand is a small country with very close knit oncology specialists.  It is almost impossible get a decent second opnion because everyone knows everone and unlikely to contradict.


I am seriously thinking whether to undergo the Allogeniec Stemm cell Transplant or take the risk and not be treated.


Any advice?

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Re: To undergo Stem Cell Transplant or NOT

Hi Mani,


That's such a hard choice to make.  At the end of the day I suppose it comes down to quality of life vs length, & which one you prefer.   

I imagine the transplant will be just as damaging to you as last time & you must decide whether or not it's worth going through that again.    Will having it done make the rest of your life worry, illness & pain free? 

 If you don't have the transplant, what will the progression of the Myelodysplasia bring you?  How much pain & discomfort will you be in towards the end of the 19 months?  Do you want to go through everything it will bring? 


I wish you all the very best of whatever happens & whichever way you decide to procede.  



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